Everyone struggles. Everyone fights their own battles. Maybe someone can relate. That is my hope for this blog. I want to share my story because I believe that our stories are powerful, incredible ways to bring us all together, to inspire the world around us, to bring hope, to say ‘me too’-some of the most powerful words ever spoken. God can use broken people, like you and like me, to make a difference. One life at a time…one book at a time…one song at a time…one blog at a time. All he wants is for us to come as we are, follow him, and DO SOMETHING.

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Day 1.

Hello again, I decided to write again today because I got my homework done and I had some free time…and I really like writing. To clarify, I am not going to get drunk all the time and live my life super promiscuously-don’t know if anyone got that from my last blog, but if you did, … Continue reading Day 1.

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